Grow…Seed to Sale, Struggle is real!

Transitioning careers to one of a grower, but not just a closet, back yard, small grow, a field grower, an acre grower, coming out of an office environment working with people to the soil, the dirt, PH levels (what the hell is that and why is it so important)…all the research, naysayers, negative vibes, get rich quick groups, ride the train for a few weeks, or a couple months, but not follow through groups. The Seeds!  Yes, that is worth a sentence with an exclamation point all on it’s own island.  Non-feminized vs. feminized, WHAT!  Advice from this person, from that person.  What equipment do you use?  How far apart is the row spacing?  The WEEDS! Nutrients, should I water these bad girls?  Full sun, what?  Rain, who knew we would be dancing in it?  Embracing it like the God’s send something special to us.  Nothing like pulling weeds in the rain.

The STRUGGLE is REAL! Transition was too soft of a word for all this.  Becoming a hemp farmer deserves and rightfully so the word struggle.  Reinvestment in our future, sustainability means more to me than “get rich quick.”  I do not think that if this is your overall mission, abundance will flow.  This field is about those who stick it out, the one’s who don’t quit.  Those of us doing this, we support each other, whether we agree or not personally. I am honored to help regardless of preconceived notion or research or experience.  We are pioneering a new world, trailblazing something of greatness. 

The personal and professional toll this crop can take is quite interesting.  As we embark into our harvest season, I can honestly say I am proud and impressed.  My family first and foremost is stronger, more united and the love is real.  I have had the opportunity to get closer to a selfless woman who has put in countless hours without any expectation in return, although my loyalty in and of itself will secure her future.  I have had workers come and go, trials and tribulations of not being able to pay everyone on time every time or at all until harvest has caused a lot of interesting drama, but through it all, just like the plant itself, there is such great love and triumph.  The serenity, the peace, the love that this plant has brought to my life is worth so much more than the secondary gain of the money that comes with it. I believe in God, the universe and I can honestly say, the love that has been given to this project will allow us to succeed, to give that love back to the community in the form of products at our LNK Product store in East Windsor, CT.  

We have gained ground. As we lock down for the harvest time, we are ready for the challenge.  Next year, we will gain more ground.  We will learn from our MANY mistakes.  We will show love, perseverance and execute like no other.  Our strength and mark will be unstoppable as we continue to forge this path because through every great struggle, there is GROWTH.  Growth is painful and it tests every single part of you, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Let’s use this journey to grow together with this plant and through it, I can assure you we will rise!  

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