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Hemp is rising well the buds are at this point as we near harvest it is time to discuss our Hemp Dispensary/CBD Products store in East Windsor, CT.  LNK Farms has it’s grow almost ready to distribute to our LNK Products store at 170 North Road, East Windsor, CT. 06026.

We are an all-inclusive LNK brand dispensary seed to sale where we make our own products entirely.  This year at LNK Farms we grew non-feminized seeds.  Our seeds are all grown up and waiting to be harvested for our hemp dispensary.  We will have cherry wine, cherry struck and in months to come some mountain mango.  

For next year we plan to do our own feminized seeds to be able to sell along with seedlings to sell to the public.  We have piloted our grow, we have been presented with our challenges and we plan to adjust accordingly to be able to bring this area the finest hemp delivery, seeds, and seedlings.  Stay tuned as we continue our mission to help heal.

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