After the grow…”Farm to Table?” What!

So it’s harvest time all across the United States and for us surely in Massachusetts and Connecticut. All of ours is cut down but not without some hassle. A few plants were “taken” off the field by I am assuming some magical fairies in broad day light. So, security is of an issue with the hemp enterprises and grows. Again, though it isn’t like tomatoes and guess what it doesn’t just work from farm to table you see.

Farmers have to either ship the grow off to a processor who will turn the product into oils or distillate for vape pens, edibles, etc., but more than likely this process involves drying the product and then curing or burping the product for retail/wholesale sales. Watching out for mold, ensuring that conditions are optimal for drying and curing separates one grow from the next for sure. So, all that work in the field isn’t going to get right in the market without some tender love and care.

Look for testing at your stores, when you buy your products and before you smoke or make your own products. Organic grow is essential in this environment and high CBD/CBG content is also far more of a bonus for our boutique brand. Learn from the challenges of the grow this year to ensure beauty in next years grow! Come visit us today at: or 170 North Road, East Windsor, CT. 06088 860-413-9509.

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