Why CBD? Why Cannabis?

I went to school for psychology-graduated and embarked on my journey of inspiration and to make a difference.  I would get into employment and be super excited to start on what I learned, however, for what it’s worth, it never ended up being where I belonged.  I was met with resistance for my ideas, creativity, vision, and love for the individuals we served.  I ended up starting another agency for individuals with disabilities and it didn’t end well for the same reasons-all to find out my inspiration was never to be held to one industry to one location that it was endless.  

In order to achieve the inspiration the world needs, I plan to share it through our CBD line which we put our love and energy into daily to assist in healing others and to our cannabis brand.  I won’t allow my shine to be dulled or that of the legacy I will leave behind.  When we figure out what we are here on earth for and is resonates with our soul our love shines so bright through us, we can only manifest what comes next that truly aligns for us.  

What aligns for me is inspiration-I hope it aligns for you too in our products day in and day out and your life improves somehow through an extension of us.  The experience we intend to deliver is invaluable.  

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